Sunday, November 15, 2009

Creative Philanthropy

I was reading an article in the December issue of "Oprah" tonight, about philanthropists, when I came upon one in particular that just took my breath away. I had never heard of Joan Hornig, but it seems that many of the beautiful women in Hollywood are sporting her lovely jewelry designs, two of which are shown here in this post. Now her work is very lovely, and while I would truly love to have a piece, it is a tad out of my price range. What then, you might ask, took my breath away about this story? Let me start by explaining that Joan Hornig is a Harvard and Columbia educated MBA, who loves to create fine jewelry. And while that isn't too unique or suprising, what is, is that she does not keep a single penny for the pieces she designs and sells, but donates that profits - and here is the really unique part - to the charity of they buyers choice!
What an amazing thing to do!! To be able to do!! To take your gift of creativity and use it to better the world in so many countless ways. To put the beauty of your art out into the world, but not for profit - only for the betterment of humanity!!
Yes, we may say, she can obviously afford to do this, because she has some other source of income or wealth. And while that's true, the point is, she doesn't have to do what she is doing. She could still, as high-end designers do (casting no aspersions on them, mind you), create her art and be rightly compensated for doing so. Instead, she chooses to create her art as a gift to the world.
What joy she must have in that kind of creating!

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