Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Inspiration for 2010

I hope that everyone had a glorious holiday season this year! I know that we did. Ours was made extra special by the addition of our newest family member, 4-month-old great-nephew Liam, who enjoyed his first Christmas! Eyes bright at all the lights on the tree, he inspired us all with the true meaning of the season.
He also inspired me to really do something for next Christmas, that I have been talking about and talking about FOREVER!!! For 2010, I am going to create handmade Christmas gifts for as many people as I can on my Christmas list! I have thought about doing this and talked about doing this for far too long, without actually ever acting on it. And while time is still at a premium (at least for the early part of 2010), I know that I can start by planning carefully and prioritizing projects, so that I can share what I love to do with those that are most important in my life!

Which brings me to a terrific story of creativity that I came across this evening. In the UK, a 7-year-old named Kieron Williamson dreams of becoming Monet or Seago rather than a soccer star. And even at such a young age, this amazing child is well on his way to realizing that dream! His paintings are utterly amazing! He has actually sold several of them for quite a large sum, but paints for sheer enjoyment. He even offered tips on landscape painting:

  1. "Go on holiday where you really want to go and be inspired."
  2. "Start with acrylics, then watercolors, then pastels, and then oils."
  3. When you set out to do a landscape, "start with the sky first, top to bottom."
  4. "When you do distance it's lighter and when you do foreground it comes lighter."
  5. "If you're doing a figure in the winter, do a brown head, leave a small gap, do a blue jacket and brown legs. Then with the gap, get a red pastel do a flick of red so it looks like a scarf."
  6. "Keep on painting."
He's so utterly fearless in his desire to keep on growing in his painting. I so admire that, since I would love to paint, but haven't the courage to face a blank canvas yet. Way to go Kieron!!! You inspire me to try some new ideas - maybe not painting yet, but something new!
What new art or craft are you inspired to try in 2010?? Is it something that you've put off because you've not trusted your ability? I'm inspired by your stories....

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