Sunday, October 25, 2009


It's funny how the critics can pan a movie and, when we go to see it, we thoroughly love it! That's what happened this weekend, when Harry and I went to see Hillary Swank and Richard Gere in the movie "Amelia", based on the life of aviatrix Amelia Earhart. We thought it was a lovely film and that Hillary was amazing and quite believable as Amelia. The soundtrack fit the cinematography (which was definitely suited to the big screen) beautifully.
Some sources were talking Oscar, while others called Swank's performance "stodgy" and "wooden." I certainly never felt it to be either of the last 2 adjectives! She characterized Amelia as a woman ahead of her time, consumed by a passion for freedom to express herself, to create a life for herself on her own terms defined by no one else in the air. It's easy to see why she remains an inspiration to so many young girls today.

And, the resemblance, especially in the scenes leading up to her disappearance, between Hillary Swank and Amelia Earhardt are quite striking....

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