Monday, October 12, 2009

Creative Mini-Bites

I've decided that, since I don't have time for big projects, involved projects, or even more than one project, I'm going to do one simple project for each of the upcoming holidays. As much as I would have loved making handmade gifts (think of how green that would be!) for my family and friends this year, that's just not going to happen. So, on a couple of visits to my favorite "happy place," Michael's, I've picked up a haunted house kit in craft foam for Halloween and a gingerbread house kit in the same craft foam for Christmas. Now, I know, it's not completely my own idea and all, but I plan on adding some extra embellishments to the finished houses. And, my other goal is to FINALLY master downloading pictures from my digital camera, so that I can post the finished houses to my blog! Such lofty goals!!!
I'm feeling creative, inspired, and better already somehow! Now, to just budget my time wisely!!!

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