Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Well, tonight, before I started to study for my exam, I decided to work on my haunted house. I had to take apart the little bit that I had done yesterday because it was all crooked - I know, I know, haunted houses are supposed to be crooked, but this one isn't designed for crooked! And, to add to the frustration, I kept knocking over the sections of wall that I had put together & glued before the glue had set up!!! ARGH!!!
I really have to focus on a plan for crafting space!!! Step one: Find some time (when???) on a weekend soon to clear some room in the library & the buy 2 2-drawer file cabinets. I'll put them in the large space between the book shelves & have a piece of MDF board cut to fit to stretch between the 2 as a work space. I have about a dozen patterns of oil cloth that are available online (will post these soon), that I'll order to cover the board & presto! I will have a work space that will be large & devoted to my crafts! That will sure beat the small TV tray that I'm using now!!! Then, small bits of creativity to tide me over til after graduation! It feels good to have a plan!

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